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Arbors and Trellises

A scalloped white picket wood fence with an arbor.

Our custom arbors and trellises are a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space. They’re made to order, ensuring that they fit your space perfectly and match your aesthetic.

The Purpose of an Arbor in a Garden

Frequently arched at the top (as you can see in our gallery below), an arbor provides an entrance or gateway for your yard, garden, or any section of your outdoor space. Think of them like a doorway in your fence: they allow people to enter and exit and they provide a visual focal point for the space, helping to organize how people move through it.

What is a Trellis?

A trellis is an open lattice, usually designed to accommodate the growth of vines like grapes, ivy, climbing roses, or morning glory. An arbor can incorporate a trellis into its roof or archway (see some of the examples in the gallery below), but arbors don’t always have a trellis.

Is an Arbor Similar to a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure in parks and gardens supported by beams or columns and often enclosed on top by rafters or latticework. They’re designed to provide shade and partial shelter for a walkway or a sitting area. Arbors simply form an entryway, whereas a pergola usually encompasses an entire space or walkway — almost like an outdoor room or hallway.

Materials in Arbors & Trellises

The use of natural wood adds a warm, organic feeling to your garden, making it a cozy and inviting space to relax in. We use western red cedar and mahogany: woods that are beautiful, strong, durable, and naturally resistant to rot, decay, and damage from insects, which makes them perfect for outdoor structures.

Composite materials offer the same design possibilities as wood but require less frequent maintenance over time, which makes them a popular choice as well.

See this page for more information about arbors and trellises in wrought iron.

Arbor and Trellis Designs and Styles

Our arbors and trellises are all custom-made to your exact specifications so that you’ll get a structure that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your home and garden. Whether you’re looking for something simple and conventional or bold and eye-catching, our skilled craftsmen have years of experience fashioning designs that are as detailed and nuanced as your tastes.

Free Estimates from Garon Fence

The best way to show us what you want is to walk us through your space. That’s why we offer free estimates to determine what arbor and trellis designs and materials would work best for your property! Contact us at (914) 666-5596 or email us at to start planning your project!

And come by our factory showroom to see examples of the work we’ve done for other clients! We’re located at:

323 Railroad Avenue
Bedford Hills, NY 10507