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Wood Fences

curved wood post and rail fence

Whether it’s the classic white picket fence of a suburban front lawn or a rustic split rail fence running the length of a field out in the country, a good wood fence is a sturdy, effective way to mark a boundary.

Whether you’re looking for something mostly decorative to enhance the look of your home or a tough, no frills fence that’ll get the job done, we design wood fences in durable, premium wood in a wide range of designs and styles to meet your needs.

Wood Fence Styles and Designs

Post and Rail Wood Fencing

Extremely durable in rural settings or for delineating property lines, this design is simple, with long beams of wood inserted into upright posts to allow for good wind flow. Post and rail fencing can come in several different varieties, such as rustic split rails, full round cedar, or diamond rails.

Wood Picket Fences

A classic choice for gardens and front yards, picket fences are usually around 3 to 4 feet tall with evenly spaced vertical boards (i.e. “pickets”). Great for marking a property line without obstructing the view, they’re ideal for keeping children and pets within the confines of a yard.

Lattice Wood Fencing

Featuring a criss-cross wood pattern, lattice fences are often used as decorative elements or to support climbing plants. They can provide a moderate level of privacy and are commonly added as a stylish top to more solid fences.

Wood Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are typically 6 to 8 feet tall and feature panels placed closely together to prevent people from seeing through. Adding lattice or pickets to the top of a privacy fence adds visual interest and lets a little light through the otherwise solid panels.

Tongue and Groove Wood Fencing

Tongue and groove fences use vertical boards notched into each other to create a solid barrier that allows the fence to expand and contract with the temperature without creating gaps. They offer excellent privacy and are often valued for their more modern and streamlined aesthetic.

Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Brazilian Ipe

Prized for its rich color, ranging from mellow ambers to reddish cinnamons, western red cedar resists warping, twisting, and checking better than many other wood species, and it contains natural oils that help resist decay.

Also valued for its durability and resistance to the elements, mahogany boasts a distinctive reddish-brown color, offering a rich, warm aesthetic that can enhance the appearance of any property. Its fine-grained and smooth texture allow for a high-quality finish.

Brazilian ipe, also known as “Ironwood,” is one of the most durable and sought after hardwoods for outdoor construction. It’s low maintenance, naturally resistant to rot and insects, and even has a Class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete and steel.

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