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Custom Fencing

A short metal fence with two posts on either side of a walkway.

For over 44 years, Garon Fence has been transforming backyards and homes across the Tri-State area into stunning sanctuaries. Our artistic and custom approach to outdoor architecture brings your vision into reality, one cedar picket and hand-wrought iron scroll at a time.

We strive to be storytellers in wood, metal, and stone, translating your dreams into tangible havens that perfectly complement your style. Ready to design the yard of your dreams? Explore our gallery to see how our craftsmanship and your imagination work together so that every detail tells your unique story.

Custom Fence Designs for Homes and Yards

Choosing a fence isn’t just about practicality; the style you select becomes an extension of your home’s personality. But with so many options beckoning – wood, metal, modern, rustic – the path to perfect fencing can feel like navigating a tangled garden. Fear not! Our experienced team is here to guide you.

We’ll help you consider factors like:

  • Privacy: Desire solitude in a verdant oasis? A solid cedar fence creates a serene refuge.
  • Space: Yearning for light and airy interaction? Picket fences and many iron fence designs let sun and smiles peek through.
  • Architecture: Matching your fence to your home’s style creates a cohesive flow. A sleek modern abode might find a kindred spirit in clean-lined metal panels, while a charming cottage welcomes the embrace of a rustic picket fence.
  • Purpose: Is your fence a guardian, a playful border for playtime, or an elegant extension of your living space? Understanding its role helps shape its form.

Every journey begins with a blank canvas, and we’re excited to embrace your unique vision.

Custom Fence Styling

Whatever your vision, crafting the perfect custom fence is all about translating your style into tangible beauty. Here’s some ways to think about approaching fence style:

  • Rustic Styles: The warmth of nature expressed with a rustic fence crafted from rough-hewn logs or weathered barn wood. Think ivy-covered vines creeping through gaps, rustic lanterns adorning posts, and wildflowers popping up at the base.
  • Modern Styles: Clean lines, geometric shapes, and understated elegance define the modern fence. Think sleek metal panels in bold black or cool grays, horizontal slats creating a sense of rhythm, and minimalist hardware for a seamless look.
  • Classic Styles: Nothing exudes timeless charm like a classic picket fence. Whitewashed wood evokes a sense of nostalgia, while bolder colors like black or navy add a touch of personality.

Remember, though the possibilities are endless, we’re here to guide you through the world of materials, colors, and designs. Keep scrolling to see our gallery!

Fast & Free Estimates

Fast and free estimates from the experts at Garon mean you can start working on the yard of your dreams. Simply fill out the contact form below.