There’s a whole world of different ways you can customize your fence. Maybe you want a classic white picket fence in your front yard to evoke that timeless suburban look. Perhaps you’d like a traditional post and rail fence with a deliberately rustic finish running along your property line? Maybe you’re looking for solid panel privacy fencing for your backyard but you want a little lattice work along the top rail to add some visual interest?

Whatever you’re looking for, we can make it – and we’ve probably made something very similar before! That’s why we’ve put together this gallery of interesting and striking designs to consider as you plan the perfect fence for your home.

1. Curved lattice

The mingIed shapes and colors of the natural stone gives this wall a lot of visual interest, and the lattice wood fencing along the top between posts with decorative caps adds some extra height and privacy to the structure while still letting light pass through. Note the two panels in the middle which were custom fabricated to match the natural curvature of the stone wall: one of the many ways we work hand-in-hand with clients to meet their unique needs.

gray wood fencing with stonework foundation

2. Post and rail by the pool

It’s easy to see pool fence regulations as simply a burden: something you have to work around in order to get the pool you want. But a well designed fence around your pool can make for a dynamic space. This white post and rail wood fence provides some pleasant structure to this outdoor area without distracting from the gorgeous lawn and woods that surround it.

white pool fence and walk gate with caps

3. Rustic wood fence and wire mesh

Different gardens have different needs. A tall fence with built-in mesh like this one almost makes this garden feel like a greenhouse. It provides significant protection from wildlife and ample enclosure for a variety of different plant beds.

Tall wooden garden gate with door

4. Classic, charming pickets for a pool

It’s hard to turn down a backyard like this. The warm colors of the low stone wall contrast pleasantly with the white picket fence and the rich green shrubbery planted along its border. It nicely defines the border between the pool and the rest of the spacious backyard.

white wood pool fencing with walk gate

5. Lost in the labyrinth

You’d have to be pretty short to get lost in this garden maze: but that just means you’re free to take in the whole gorgeous sight as you stroll through it. This gray wood fence with diagonal slats is an excellent complement to the garden: it’s just interesting enough to add an extra bit of visual depth without being so involved that it distracts the eye or blocks the view.

Low wood English garden fence

6. Storybook scalloped picket fence

Another lovely little garden, this one has a low stone wall to keep out varmints with a scalloped white picket fence above that contrasts gorgeously with the green vegetation. (Note the little gravel walkway between the plant beds too.)

low white garden fence

7. Backyard arbor oasis

The award for the most walls and fences of different materials goes to this photo. Brick and stone walls and wood and chain link fences all converge on this one spot, each service its own separate purpose. This short strip of fence with a circular arbor gate in the middle does a lovely job defining the border between the space on the side of the house and behind it.

brown circular arbor walk gate

8. Game, set, mesh

We’ve seen tall fences to keep wildlife out – here’s a tall fence that keeps tennis balls in. Tennis court fencing gives your court a comfortable feeling of enclosure and cuts down on the time you’ll spend running around after the ball during the game.

Tall wood tennis court fence

9. Playful picket privacy fence

Privacy fencing is great when you have nearby neighbors or a busy street and you want to have your space to yourself. But a good privacy fence doesn’t just block other people from looking in – it gives you something to look at while you’re enjoying the outdoors. The natural stone wall, the dark green fence, the scalloped pickets, and the alternating decorative post caps all add up to a rich and visually compelling fence for this wide open yard.

black privacy fence with stonework

10. Charming split rail fence

This simple, rustic post and rail fence does its job and does it well: it provides a protective barrier for the sloped lawn above the retaining wall while nicely complementing the colors of the stone and the crisp landscaping all around it.

simple post rail fence with stonework

11. Off the cedar rails

This curved cedar fence with diagonal rails would serve well as the edge of a horse paddock or any enclosure with softer than 90 degree angles.

close up of cedar post rail track

12. Serene seclusion

This privacy fence gets right down to business. The large wood panels provide a clear spatial and visual barrier with the adjoining property.

large white privacy fence

13. Timeless dark elegance

Classic and simple, this post and rail fence is eminently practical yet still manages to look a little sleek with its black finish and clean, clear lines.

simple black post rail fence

14. A clean escape

The rough stone columns add a little touch of gravitas that contrasts nicely with the clean white lines of the gate, and the wide spacing between the pickets provides an unobstructed view of the wide open lawn beyond.

wood walk gate with stone pillars

15. Unwavering privacy

A strong, tall cedar fence is perfect for elevating your backyard space. This privacy fence was built around some outdoor equipment both to protect it and to prevent it from affecting the view in the backyard.

cedar privacy fence with foundation

16. Breaking the mold

This unusual design is sure to start a conversation. The irregularly spaced wood pickets are placed on both sides of dark metal rails, clustering together in some spots and spread apart in others while still managing to meet municipal pool codes.

modern wood pool fence and pergola

17. A walk gate with a rustic flair

This clean post and rail fence has wire mesh to meet pool code and block wildlife without obscuring the view. A walk gate with diagonal cross beams allows access to the pool and deck on the other side.

Simple wood walk gate and fence with mesh

18. Modern fairytale

Unlike the solid panel privacy fence in the background, this fence has narrow openings that let you see through from the driveway to the landscaped yard behind it. Four wood columns support a trellised arbor that leads through the walk gate from one area to the other.

small white walk gate arbor with metal trim

19. Dynamic and timeless

This classic design is perfect for fencing off a yard for horses.

flat white post rail fencing

20. Nature’s invitation

This wood arbor leads to a fenced off garden. The diagonal rails and wire mesh prevent wildlife from passing through.

21. Wrapped in gray

This gray solid panel wood fence marks a clear property line and keeps the yard comfortably private.

traditional gray privacy fence

22. A warm wooden welcome

This post and rail fence protects visitors from straying too close to the edge of the lawn before it slopes down toward the surrounding area, but the long narrow posts and rails prevent it from obscuring the gorgeous view in the background.

wooden post rail fence and gate

23. A serene safety net

The tightly spaced white pickets create a clear boundary between the yard and the pool behind it, while the arbor offers a charming entryway.

classic white picket gate and arbor with walkway in view

24. White gate with classic flourishes

The post caps on either side of this walk gate add a little touch of ornament to a straightforward white picket fence that sections off different parts of the yard.

white wooden walk gate

25. Mahogany masterpiece

This gorgeous circular arbor provides an entryway through the ornate, mahogany fence on the side of this house.

mahogany circular arbor

26. Nature’s defender

This dark green tightly latticed wood fence prevents deer from straying onto the property while nicely blending in with the wooded area on the other side.

green deer fencing

27. A walk gate with nature’s touch

A step beyond rustic, these live edge logs make this wood walk gate something truly special. Mesh prevents people or animals from getting through the space between them.

rust wood walk gate from logs

28. An elegant entrance

This white lattice fence mostly blocks the view from the road while the arbor provides a clear entryway with a swing gate that matches the design.

white arched arbor and fence

29. A touch of metal

This tall wooden walk gate feels like a grand formal entrance to the lawn behind it with its wrought iron hinges and lattice work windows.

Wood walk gate with metal design and stone fencing

30. A private enclave

Once again, a partly open space above a solid panel privacy fence adds visual interest while keeping the two sides visually separated.

white privacy fence with cross design

31. Wrought iron beauty

The custom wrought iron inset makes this mahogany walk gate one of a kind.

swinging wood walk gate with metal design

32. A whimsical welcome

A lovely entrance for any backyard, this curved arbor amidst a white picket fence leads visitors along a path on the property’s edge.

white wood picket fence with circular arbor

33. A haven for growth

This tall wood garden fence is made all the more lovely by the espaliered trees on either side of the gate growing along the arched thin metal trellis that supports their growth.

Wooden garden walkway gate

Let Us Help You Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces

If you’re looking for expert guidance on the best design to complement your home and fit your budget, the craftsmen at Garon Fence have decades of experience building fences, gates, and outdoor structures of uncompromising quality. Contact us for an estimate or come by our factory showroom in Bedford Hills, NY to see what sets our work apart.

FAQs about Wood Fence Design

Researching wooden fences? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is the most durable wood fence design?

Lots of factors contribute to the durability of a wood fence, not the least of which are the type of wood, sturdy materials, quality craftsmanship, and regular maintenance. When it comes to durable designs though, some of the most trustworthy are:

  • Tongue and Groove Fences: Vertical boards notched into each other create a solid barrier that allows the fence to expand and contract with the temperature without creating gaps.
  • Post and Rail Fences: Extremely durable in rural settings or for delineating property lines, this design is simple, with long beams of wood inserted into upright posts to allow for good wind flow. Post and rail fencing can come in several different varieties, such as rustic split rails, full round cedar, or diamond rails.
  • Picket Fences: Quite durable when made with naturally resistant wood types like cedar, ipe, or mahogany, picket fences can be modified for increased durability by using thicker pickets and rails.
  • Privacy Fences with Lattice Tops: Adding a lattice top to a privacy fence increases its durability by allowing wind to pass through the lattice, reducing the wind load on the rest of the fence.

Does a wood fence increase home value?

Yes, a wood fence definitely increases your property value by enhancing your home’s curb appeal, defining your property line, and boosting security and privacy on your property. Proper maintenance is important to keep your fence in good working order, however, and to make sure you recoup the full benefits of your investment.

How many years does a wood fence last?

Lots of factors, including the wood type, the environment, and regular maintenance will impact the lifespan of a wood fence. But a well-crafted fence made of pest-resistant wood should last for 15 to 30 years.

Should I stain my fence every year?

While regular maintenance is important, staining every year usually isn’t necessary. However, harsh weather conditions such as extreme sunlight, high humidity, heavy rain, and snow will put greater wear and tear on your fence, which may necessitate more regular staining. You can also leave your fence natural, and it will turn a beautiful gray color with no upkeep necessary.

Is pine or cedar better for a fence?

Cedar is a better choice If you’re looking for something durable and relatively low maintenance, though it has a higher upfront cost than pine. At Garon Fence, we particularly like working with western red cedar, mahogany, and Brazilian ipe.