Building codes in the greater New York tri-state area generally require four-foot tall fencing around any in-ground swimming pool as a safety precaution. But a good pool fence can do much more than keep your guests and family safe: it can beautify your yard, enhance your property value, and create unique and beautiful spaces to spend your time on summer days by the pool.

So whether you’re building a new pool and you’re looking for the design that will match your home’s aesthetic, or you’re looking to spruce up an old fence that came with your house, let’s look at 15 different pool fence ideas you’ll actually enjoy spending time around this summer!

1. Traditional Wrought Iron Pool Fence

traditional metal pool fencing with hedge

Prized for its durability and its classical elegance, wrought iron fencing is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a statement. With just a few decorative flourishes along the top rail, hammering on the corners, and a pronounced S scroll on the final post, this fence brings a touch of traditional charm and refinement to this backyard pool.

2. Metal Fully Framed Picket Pool Fence

full view of black metal pool fence

Metal fencing doesn’t always have to be decorative though. Sometimes it’s just there to get the job done. The clean, simple lines of this metal fence, softened by the decorative landscaping inside, lend some clear definition to this expansive outdoor space. It separates the pool from the rest of the yard, creating a pleasant enclave for swimmers while establishing a safe boundary for activities on the rest of the lawn.

3. Transparent Glass Railing

glass pool fencing on a natural stone deck

It’s probably not the first thing you think of when you imagine a fence, but a glass railing is a great way to establish a barrier while minimally affecting the appearance of the surrounding landscape. In this case, these homeowners opted for a clean, transparent glass partition that preserves their panoramic view of the bay, mere yards away from the edge of their swimming pool. The glass we use for these railings is specially treated with coatings that help prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, ensuring a clear and pristine appearance.

4. Wooden Pool Fence with White Picket Gate

white pool fence and walk gate with caps

This classic white wooden post and rail fence has a white picket gate with black metal accents on the hinges and a mesh covering to meet pool code and help keep children and animals from straying into the area. The heavy tree cover behind the pool and the landscaping along the fence line lend a pleasant privacy to the pool while the vibrant green lawn and the bright, white painted wood make the surroundings feel fresh and natural.

5. Green Wooden Fully Framed Pool Fence

green mesh and wood pool fence full view

Contrast that last design with this one: while also made from wood and surrounded with a protective mesh, this wooden fence is painted dark green. The open panel design makes the space feel visually more open while the six-foot height of the rails along the side protect the area from deer and create a feeling of enclosure while maintaining pool code compliance.

6. Stainless Steel and Cable Rail Pool Fence

metal pool cable railing

Cable rail is sleek and modern yet unobtrusive. Similar to glass railings, they easily blend into the landscape, creating a discreet safety barrier without distracting the eye from the surroundings. In order to meet code, this pool fence combines stainless steel rails and pickets for most of its length with a protective cable rail once the stone wall beneath it reaches a height of 4 feet.

7. Aluminum Pool Fence

black aluminum fence with pool in the background

This cozy backyard escape is screened off from its surroundings by extensive tree cover, a wooden privacy fence along the back property line, and an additional black aluminum fence in the foreground between the yard and the back of the house. In contrast to the metal rail and picket fence we highlighted above, this design fulfills building code requirements while leaving the pool open to a wide expanse of lawn.

8. Green Wooden Pool Fence

green wood pool fence

With its decorative posts and tightly spaced pickets set on top of a stone base, this green wooden pool fence provides a fair amount of privacy for this pool – an effect heightened by the landscaping on either side – while still allowing people to partially see through to make sure everyone’s safe.

9. Decorative Wrought Iron Pool Fence Gate

green and pink metal gate

The colors on this custom-made wrought iron gate were chosen to match the greens and pinks of the flowers in a nearby garden, and the entrance was placed so that the oak tree in the background could serve as a focal point. A subtle wire mesh was used to fill in the large open areas between the decorative vines so that the gate would meet code requirements without altering the intended aesthetic. The rest of the fence around the pool is made from custom aluminum.

10. Elevated Wrought Iron Pool Fence

simple metal black pool fence walk gate

You wouldn’t call this an above ground pool, but the stone base elevates the pool area from the surrounding yard, and the straight forward but lightly decorated wrought iron fence atop the base sets a boundary with the lawn and prevents anyone from accidentally falling off the slightly elevated deck.

11. White Picket Pool Fence with Natural Stone Base

white wood pool fencing with walk gate

The natural stone base and entryway columns in this design elevate the classic look of this wooden white picket fence. The closely spaced pickets and the lattice work on the entry gate provide an extra feeling of privacy while the stone adds additional visual interest.

12. Modern Wood and Metal Pool Fence

modern wooden pool fencing

This very modern custom design sports a metal railing with irregularly spaced Brazilian ipe pickets built on top of a stone retaining wall. The unusual spacing draws the eye while still meeting pool code requirements and providing a fair degree of privacy for the fenced off area within. The design mimics a similar look on the house to complement its aesthetics.

13. Metal Pool Gate Between White Stone Walls

white opaque metal pool fence and walk gate

Solid white stone walls screen this pool area from view, but a simple metal gate displays a glimpse of the cool blue waters inside.

14. Dark Metal Pool Fence Panels

black metal pool fence with posts and mesh

These dark metal fence panels with tightly woven mesh between them follow the inclining course of the landscape. They prevent people and animals from getting through while providing relatively little visual interruption to the dynamic space leading down to the pool below.

15. Modern Stainless Steel Pool Fence

modern steel pool fence

This modern stainless steel pool fence is simple, yet refined. The narrow pickets keep the space from feeling too enclosed, while the exposed metal surfaces cultivate a sleek and contemporary look. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the stainless steel gives way to a glass barrier near the house, meaning the view of the pool is almost completely unobstructed as you walk by.

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FAQs about Pool Fence Ideas and Design

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about pool fences.

What is the best fencing for a pool?

The best fencing for a pool prioritizes safety, durability, and aesthetics to seamlessly blend with your outdoor environment. Materials that resist corrosion are popular, such as aluminum and vinyl, but wood, wrought iron, and other materials will look spectacular with proper maintenance. Look through some of the examples above to start getting a sense for what kind of pool fence you envision on your property!

What is the average cost of a fence around a pool?

The average cost for a pool fence varies widely depending on the material used, the size and layout of the area, custom features, gates, decorative detail, and labor costs. Basic chain link or welded wire mesh fences are the least expensive. Custom wrought iron, aluminum, wood, and composite fencing are some of the priciest options. In the middle of the cost spectrum are prefabricated vinyl, wood, or aluminum fencing or simple post and rail fencing with wire mesh attached. Contact Garon Fence to find out what materials would work best for your project and budget.

How do I make my pool fence look good?

A good looking pool fence should blend aesthetics with functionality to simultaneously ensure safety and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. That means:

  • Choose the right material
  • Selecting a color that complements your home and yard
  • Integrating the fence with your landscaping
  • Adding decorative elements
  • Getting regular maintenance.

How do I choose a fence color?

The three main factors to consider when deciding what color pool fence to choose are:

  1. Finding a color that complements the look of your home and yard.
  2. Choosing a color that looks good for the type of fencing you’re considering: in other words, you might like the idea of a black fence, but if your fence is going to be solid panels, consider whether having a large flat, solid black structure beside your home will make sense visually.
  3. Considering the maintenance requirements: for instance, bright white fencing will show dirt more easily and require more upkeep than darker colors.